Basic rules for

1 SocFreeSpeech is committed to freedom of expression about social issues. In general, any subreddit or content relating in some constructive way to social issues as described in our mission statement is welcome here. Political (either partisan or other political causes) litmus tests for allowed communities are incompatible with freedom of speech, so you won't find any here enforced by site administrators. Special interest groups across the whole social issues spectrum are welcome to create their own communities, and each community is free to set and enforce its own standards in its own subreddit.

2 Rules and content policies are determined by the moderators on a subreddit-by-subreddit basis and do not reflect the views or objectives of this website or its administrators. How can they when, after all, there are so many mutually contradictory points of view? There are only a few things that are expressly forbidden site-wide:

Bottom line, site-wide rules

3 There is not specifically a 'no harassment' restriction because what constitutes harassment is highly subjective. In general, however, constructive criticism is okay but activities clearly carried out in bad faith are not. We aim to be as liberal as possible in this respect, but we reserve the right to intervene in particularly egregious cases, to ban subreddits that don't meaningfully contribute to social issues in some way, to enforce these rules and the User Agreement.