Feminist protesters try to burn down cathedral. One heroic man stays to defend it. by PeterWright in AVfM

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"Police dispersed the protesters with rubber bullets..."

Ah, that was their major mistake. They should have cleared the vermin with live ammo.

Honor Killing in Afghanistan: Armed Mob of 300 Brutally Kill Young Couple for Eloping by borabosna in MGTOW

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And the loony left want to let these animals come flooding into our countries. Fucking SJWs should be rounded up and sent to live there instead. They' wouldn't last five minutes and the world with be a better place with them dead and gone

Gender theory banned in NSW classrooms by borabosna in MensPsychology

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This I think is part of the trickle-down effect of Trump being elected. Slowly, but inexorably, politicians are beginning to ralise the power of SJWs is nowhere near as great as they were led to believe. The more they realise that the loony left is on the way out, the faster we'll start seeing positive actions like this.

Teen Girl Sent Teen Boy 5 Inappropriate Pictures. He Faced Lifetime Registry as a 'Violent Sex Offender' or 350 Years in Jail. by borabosna in FalseAllegations

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The police involved, the judge who sentenced him, the prosecutors, every single one of these fucking cunts needs to be hunted down and FUCKING SHOT DEAD.

Seriously, how much more of this do we have to put up with before we start the civil war and begin hanging these vile fuckholes from every lamppost on every highway in every western nation?

The Shape of Things to Come? by Kimski in MGTOW

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Women's Logic, #1134: I have too much money and it's ruined my life, so I'll sue the lottery organisation so I get even MORE money!

This woman's IQ isn't merely low, or even negative, it's in the imaginary number plane!

Feminists: we're going on strike. Join us so Trump will see our power by PeterWright in AVfM

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Simple: Any woman who walks off the job on 8th of March can clean out her desk and turn in her company ID before she leaves. Then every company replaces her with a man willing to work. Companies that don't will lose labour and market share.

Bonus points for companies employing minority immigrant men to replace the women who walk out. Let's watch the SJWs eat each other over how to react to the immigrant "job scabs!"

Amherst Student Expelled for Sexual Misconduct Can’t Defend Himself—It Would ‘Impose Psychological Trauma’ on Accuser by borabosna in FalseAllegations

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Trump needs to get that judge disbarred for malpractice, if not outright fucking treason. That bastard is evil.

Madonna Believes America Should Have Listened to “Hollywood” So America “Gets What We Deserve”! by MensRightsinAZ in FreeSpeech

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There's one good thing about all these democracy-hating celebs turning into wannabe politicians: Deleting all their songs, movies and TV shows which I'll never listen to or watch again has freed up hundreds of gigabytes of space on my hard drives!

Although some of it hurts. Star Trek TNG was one of my favourite sci-fi shows. Sadly now I may now only remember it from a happier time, before its crew turned into hypocritical white-male-hating totalitarians. And Men In Black was one of my favourite comedies, but now the sight of Will Smith and his "I want to -cleanse- America of Trump supporters" makes me sick to my stomach.

And a few much-loved pop and rock songs from my long-lost teen years have had to follow suit. At least most of the musical artists I got into are either dead or have had the smarts to keep their political mouths shut. It's really only Elton John and Bruce Springsteen I've had to eject from my collection and there's only a few of their songs that bring back memories. They're not that big a loss.

Swedish man arrested for being too buff by borabosna in MGTOW

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Man: So, what am I charged with, officer?

Officer: Two counts of being male in a public place, one count of going equipped with a penis, and four counts of unlawful possession of a Y-chromosome.

The Red Pill: awards ceremony takes place before packed house by PeterWright in AVfM

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Unfortunately The Red Pill didn't make the Oscars shortlist, so won't be up for an award in itself. However the ned title song is still in the running last I heard, so it may yet still win Best Soundtrack or Song or whatever they call the award for that part of it.

Republicans: Let's Not Abandon Feminism - Let's Redefine It And Steal It Back From The Far Left by PeterWright in AVfM

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I see our Borabosna has already ripped that author about ten new arseholes so not much point in my adding to it. They never stop trying though do they? Now that Trump is in power they'll do everything they can to weasel their gynocentric agenda into his narrative. We all need to help keep Trump and other incoming alt-right leaders on their toes in averting these tactics.

New initiative aims to fight sexual harassment at Toronto bars — through drink coasters - Toronto by borabosna in MGTOW

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Consent ones I can see, but "Men are all lies?" I hope that pub gets sued into oblivion. If I was a patron there, I would certainly never drink there again, and I would tell the managment that I as a male am clearly unwelcome and unwanted there.

Teacher who became pregnant after sex with 13-year-old pupil 'nearly every day' jailed for 10 years by borabosna in MGTOW

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I would love to manually tear out the penises and scrotums of every stupid pathetic little bastard who commented "lucky boy", "she's hot", "who's the killjoy who complained" and so on. It makes me sick to see so many men thinking only with their penises. Christ, I can begin to understand the misandry of feminists when I see these penisbrains acting like this. It's fucking sickening.

The Red Pill - An uncomfortable but important conversation by robert in AVfM

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I've also given her a diatribe, albeit with less hostility. In particular, it is important to remember that this author has grown up with feminism, been indoctrinated with it all her life. It took Cassie Jaye two years to fully comprehend what our fight is about and to take up the banner. And Cassie is an intelligent, articulate and open-minded woman. We can hardly expect that a lifetime of conditioning will be undone by watching a two-hour movie.

The author of this article still clings to her patriarchy theory and feminist buzzwords because she's had a brutal shock and has no means of handling it. Choking down a big fat red one is never going to be easy. But she's open-minded enough to try to comprehend the movie rather than just flatly dismiss it out of hand. That has to be worth something.

She will ponder this now, she will start digging and researching, trying to find out more. She will face the same conflicts and trials that Cassie Jaye also faced. Perhaps she will stumble and fall. Perhaps she will come out on our side and become the next Camilla Paglia or Bettina Arndt.

However fallacious her views may be, the important thing is she has taken that vital first step. She has to come to grips with the fact that her life will never be the same now. She needs to be encouraged to go further, much further.

And we'll do that much more effectively with honey than vinegar. That doesn't mean swaddling her in cotton wool and pandering to her views. We've done a good job of illustrating to her what she's delved into. But we shouldn't abuse her for her failure to grasp it all in one go. It's the lesson the feminists have failed to learn.

Congressional Republicans look to rein in Obama's actions on college sexual assault by PeterWright in AVfM

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[“I get where they are coming from,” Anna Voremberg, the managing director of End Rape On Campus, told FoxNews.com. “But we’re on the same side.”]


Voremberg is using the the usual "but we're on the same side" tactic to try to end-run around the real issues here. If we were on the same side, she'd be just as concerned about the men's lives being ruined by false allegations as she's concerned about young women being raped. But in reality she and her ilk don't give two fucking shits how many men are destroyed, so long as they can continue to push their vile misandristic agenda and keep the focus entirely on female victims. They'll push any buttons, tell any lies, to keep people on board with that.

Masculinity -- Male Vulnerability Isn’t a Virtue by borabosna in MensPsychology

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I'm in two minds about this.

On the one hand I detest that encouraging men not to bottle up their feelings and to express their emotions is being used as a tool to feminise men and make them subservient to the feminist agenda. This is pure poison.

On the other hand I think it is important that men should be able to open up about their feelings. The entire reason most suicides are male is precisely because of the tendency of men to bottle things up and not seek help when they need it.

This is a perfect example of how MRA issues are being hijacked by feminists to slyly inject their evil agenda while virtue-signalling that they are apparently on our side.

So I would encourage men not to bottle up their feelings and be more willing to express their emotions, but be very wary of being talked around to the man- and masculinity-hating agenda these fucking maggots are trying inject into the idea that we should.

women have a right to hate men – Thoughts And Ideas by borabosna in MensPsychology

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I managed to read two paragraphs before I decided I wanted this fucking worthess piece of shit hunted down and fucking shot dead. An absolute, virtue-signalling, pathetic little pissant traitor.

Jesus, if I had him in my house I'd make damn sure this fucking bastard took three weeks to die.

Student jailed over rape claim she invented to get an extension on her course work by borabosna in FalseAllegations

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Caveat lector: This article was written 7 years ago. I wonder if she would have been convicted or given such a sentence today, given how spastic feminism and leftists in general has gone since Gamergate. Yes, it was always bad, but I have noticed since 2014 its hysteria suddenly began escalating exponentially.

Woman Abuses Child and Smiles for Her Mug Shot! by MensRightsinAZ in DomesticViolence

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Not surprised she's smiling, she probably knows she's going to get off on the pussy pass while some softcock SJW judge spits on the police and forces them to give her baby back.

I must confess I've completely lost any and all respect for or faith in modern jurisprudence, if I ever had any to begin with. It's a nice ideal, but we need some system of judicial accountability, whereby these softcocks that constantly give women and delinquent kids slaps on the wrist for serious crimes, can be disbarred and defrocked. They should be reviewed each year and any judge who shows gender or age bias in convictions or handing down sentences loses their fucking job.

Perpetrator programmes for partner violence; are they based on ideology or evidence? - CLOK by borabosna in DomesticViolence

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That article was posted in the repository in 2011, SIX YEARS AGO. Yet nothing, NOTHING has been done and its findings like all the others, have been studiously ignored. This establishes that the institutions behind this ideological regime have no intention of ever listening to or addressing men's issues, because they're using this ideology as a means of dividing the masses and holding onto power. This is why I believe that the only answer is armed, violent insurrection against the established order, as I have believed for years. People may be educated, but those in power who use this ideology to cement their position cannot be, they can only be overthrown.

Feminists, don’t ban The Red Pill. Watch it instead by gary959 in AVfM

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Paywalled and no archive entry. If someone has an alternate source would be good.

Israel's Mossad spy agency on the hunt for women agents by borabosna in MGTOW

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If they think women have overall better spatial awareness than men then they're going to find out to their cost that more often than not this isn't the case. Hopefully after they blow a few missions they'll see some sense.