Another female pedophile teacher about to get a slap on the wrist for raping a very young 6th form student. by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Here's another article that shows the approx age (6th form) of the victim:

Her brother is now saying that these 'boys' had set her up. Sigh!

Anyway, at the very end of the article is a real clanger. Get this, she is now in the Navy. So this is the calibre of people/women you want in the Navy supposedly protecting society, is it?

Good luck with that one!

Another female pedophile teacher about to get a slap on the wrist for raping a very young 6th form student. by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Well, all the lefty loonies call it a trist, but we know it is rape, because if this teacher was male and the victim was female, it would be called rape and he would already be in prison for more than a decade, plus on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

But because this teacher is female, the cops are still thinking about it. The cops are probably also jealous that the young boy got some freebie sex with a blonde.

The whole thing is sickening to me. She is a pedophile and a rapist and she belongs in prison.

BBC face furious sexist backlash after announcing Jodie Whittaker as first female Doctor Who by Shrek6 in AVfM

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It quickly went downhill after David Tennant. After that, the BBC filled it with femtard vomit. They resisted prior to that, because they wanted to cement the series and knew that diehard fans would reject this vile garbage.

Well, the diehard fans are definitely rejecting it now!

NY Times podcast talks about MRAs and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' meeting with NCFM (7:10) by gary959 in AVfM

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They not only had consensual drunk sex, they then go on to legally rape the innocent man they had sex with. It is these disgusting women who should be booted out of universities, but also spend at least 10 years in prison with no parole.

Just sayin!

NY Times podcast talks about MRAs and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' meeting with NCFM (7:10) by gary959 in AVfM

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Yep, I tried to listen guys. Honestly I did, but after 2 seconds I just couldn't take it anymore. Please pardon my weakness!

"The greatest voice this continent has ever recorded!" by Shrek6 in AVfM

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I had to put this up. Gurrumul Yunupingu would have to be one of the greatest artists and singers Australia has ever produced and he is dead at the age of 46.

If you've never heard him sing, go to YouTube and search his name and watch the videos.

Remember, he was blind and learnt to play a right handed guitar upside down with his left hand.

What a terrible loss for the soul of this country!

‘My wife didn’t tell me she was trying to get pregnant’ by robert in AVfM

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If I were him, I'd wait till this last child is 18, then leave. And, this would be the very last time I had sex with the woman. She has no right to complain after this form of male rape.

Dirty rotten over privileged white guy dares to help homeless man. Typical! by Shrek6 in AVfM

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If you can't see this article, here's the facebook video:

I'm putting this article up here, not because of some Patriarchy leader shoving his rich privilege into the face of the poor, but because of the reason the poor guy is now on the street destitute.

He had no phone and no home and can't work due to disability, so because he was not contactable he missed a Centrelink appt and they cut off his money.

If he had a vagina this would have never happened or if it did, she would never have been on the street in such a pathetic state as this man was/is, because there is always help out there for women and virtually nothing for men.

Gender neutral babies are the future" - Tucker Carlson vs liberal SJW feminist by gary959 in AVfM

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What a load of utter bullshit. This blond bimbo with nothing in her head bar femtard and SJW ideology bouncing around inside that empty skull, is spruiking nothing but eugenic evil crap that started off during the days of Dr. Josef Mengele, has been picked up by Social Marxists and completely adopted by misfit femtards and their equally idiotic femtard/lesso dominated LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ lunatics.

And what is this idiotic "binary/non-binary" crap? Who was the lunatic who dreamed that term/word up?

We have some completely insane and evil individuals today working in jobs that give them access to innocent human beings who are then abused by these very same lunatics.

There is no such thing as sexual fluidity. That is bullshit! There are only 2 sexes and anything else is just a mental illness.

This has been the beliefs and thought processes of all peoples including all levels of scientists, for literally thousands of years of human existence and yet here we are in just this last few years of Mankind's existence, changing all these ancient held beliefs that anything other than male/female heterosexuality is unnatural and disordered and instead replacing it with bullshit non-scientific crap called 'sexual fluidity or binary crap or trans gender or some other gender.'

And I am not referring to Hermaphrodites either. These people are rare and in almost all cases they do not have 2 fully functioning and formed sets of reproductive organs. However, I believe these children should be left to decide their own sex and the taxpayer should fund all their medical expenses through this process. I feel for them and they should be cared for, because it is not their fault.

This world has gone off the rails big time and we are doomed!

BBC face furious sexist backlash after announcing Jodie Whittaker as first female Doctor Who by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Well, knowing how femtardish the BBC is, I expected this to happen a long time ago. It's happened now and they have destroyed the show.

Just like all other shows that have been built around a man, they have to destroy it by putting in a female to placate the raving lunatic fringe dwelling femtards. I'm am certain there will be many female Dr. Who fans out there who will be outraged that they have stuck this woman in there.

One thing is for certain. The fan base of Dr. Who are quite militant and have been loyal for very many decades. I'll bet that is about to change!

And of course they had to find a bimbo to play the role. She has to be easy on the eyes, or the lesso femtards and the male supporters might object.

Time will tell if it succeeds, but my guess is that the (just about) longest running series of all time will soon come to a crashing halt. It will have a new but much smaller fan base and just like the poncy female Ghost Busters will die a natural feminist death and be a waste of money for the BBC.

I certainly hope it dies on them. We need a backlash. They need to just leave some things alone.

Are modern men becoming CELIBATE? Online movement is encouraging men to ignore women by PeterWright in AVfM

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For a lot of women and their daughters out there, the future is actually going to be quite bleak. In fact, it will be dark.

This thing called MGTOW is going to grow exponentially until it reaches a point at which feminists and women in general will demand the govts step in to deal with it. They will try all manner of things to bring bachelors back into line, like have been done over the past several hundred years, but I think this time it will not work. I think these men, me included, have called time-out, picked up our bat and ball and nicked off somewhere else where we cannot be found.

Sorry women, but you brought this upon yourselves and you cannot blame feminists for it. If you didn't want to lose men at all, then you all should have told feminists to piss off.

But you didn't did you. You love the privileges you now have. Well, let's see just how comforting those privileges will be in the dark bitter watches of your bower with not a soul there to comfort you.

Worse still, you will die barren!

The John McEnroe nontroversy by gary959 in AVfM

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What an bunch of utter garbage!

Why is McEnduck trying to answer all these questions about his comments on Williams? He should just tell them to piss off and he is not going to apologise for something that never happened.

Even Williams says in a past interview that she "only wants to play girls, because if she played Murray the score would be something like 6-0.

Tell all the losers to rack off. But now, McEnduck is just another mangina who is out to quell the fire and calm the lunatic brigade down, in case they start calling for him to be strung up in public.

He did the right thing and told the truth which I think he was being a bit too kind. Williams would probably rank more like 2 or 3,000th, not 700.

I recon there will be school boys who could wipe the floor with her, because their power would just blow her off the court.

Mark Latham's Outsiders Website taken down! by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Thanks Guys. I also finally worked out that he has dumped his older website and updated it to a Rebel Media website. I think this might have had something to do with it as well.

Anyway, I have got it working now without the 'S.'


What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Didn't you read my post? This is not an anti homosexual article!

This is about the removal of our rights as human beings and has nothing to do with homosexuals or gay marriage. Actually read articles on the internet on this topic and you'll find the underbelly of the exact same beast that controls feminists and SJWs.

You can believe all you like about gay marriage, but if the other 95+% of the population don't want their children indoctrinated with this, which they have every right to expect and even demand, then how can you possibly be happy with the fact and knowledge that heterosexual parents are being imprisoned for trying to protect their innocent children?

What is happening here today, is indeed a very powerful and evil "HETEROPHOBIA" and we all need to react to this in the strongest possible manner!

Don't bring any notion of homophobia here, because you would be completely wrong.

What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts by Shrek6 in AVfM

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"The legitimizing of pedophilia is next."

And then Bestiality!

Mark Latham's Outsiders Website taken down! by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Wow, since Bettina Arndt and Karen Straughan appeared this week on Mark Latham's website, the site has gone. I have tried 4 different browsers and none of them can open the website.

So either something has happened to my computer which I doubt because I can still get any other website, or SJW scumbags have been able to hack his website to shut it down as punishment for having Karen appear on it.

I would be interested to know if anyone else is having the same problems I am with gaining access to this website?

Women Are Now Cheating As Much As Men by borabosna in MGTOW

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What a load of bullshit! Women have been cheating as much as men for thousands of years.

If men were cheating, then who the hell were they cheating with? The dog? The cat? The budgie? No. They were cheating with bloody women!

This is such idiotic garbage. The only reason these articles exist now, is because women are actually cheating far more than men are and the femtard/sjw brigade are trying to minimise it by saying that women are doing it the same as men.

Yeah right and it is also true that I am Superman and can fly!

What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts by Shrek6 in AVfM

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I know some of you will not like to discuss this subject, but I think it is not only needed, it is a must.

If you spend the time to watch this video to the end, you will see just how bad this is and what is in line for all states and countries that allow this evil Social Marxist garbage to be instituted.

Gay marriage is only the tip of the iceberg. What comes after is truly disturbing and life changing for all citizens in all levels of society.

It won't take long watching the video, before you start to recognise the exact same Social Marxists who are in the feminist and SJW movements, with their intent to remove all civil rights and freedoms from all heterosexual white men.

This is a civil rights and liberty issue, not a homosexual one!