Mark Latham's Outsiders Website taken down! by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Thanks Guys. I also finally worked out that he has dumped his older website and updated it to a Rebel Media website. I think this might have had something to do with it as well.

Anyway, I have got it working now without the 'S.'


What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Didn't you read my post? This is not an anti homosexual article!

This is about the removal of our rights as human beings and has nothing to do with homosexuals or gay marriage. Actually read articles on the internet on this topic and you'll find the underbelly of the exact same beast that controls feminists and SJWs.

You can believe all you like about gay marriage, but if the other 95+% of the population don't want their children indoctrinated with this, which they have every right to expect and even demand, then how can you possibly be happy with the fact and knowledge that heterosexual parents are being imprisoned for trying to protect their innocent children?

What is happening here today, is indeed a very powerful and evil "HETEROPHOBIA" and we all need to react to this in the strongest possible manner!

Don't bring any notion of homophobia here, because you would be completely wrong.

What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts by Shrek6 in AVfM

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"The legitimizing of pedophilia is next."

And then Bestiality!

Mark Latham's Outsiders Website taken down! by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Wow, since Bettina Arndt and Karen Straughan appeared this week on Mark Latham's website, the site has gone. I have tried 4 different browsers and none of them can open the website.

So either something has happened to my computer which I doubt because I can still get any other website, or SJW scumbags have been able to hack his website to shut it down as punishment for having Karen appear on it.

I would be interested to know if anyone else is having the same problems I am with gaining access to this website?

Women Are Now Cheating As Much As Men by borabosna in MGTOW

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What a load of bullshit! Women have been cheating as much as men for thousands of years.

If men were cheating, then who the hell were they cheating with? The dog? The cat? The budgie? No. They were cheating with bloody women!

This is such idiotic garbage. The only reason these articles exist now, is because women are actually cheating far more than men are and the femtard/sjw brigade are trying to minimise it by saying that women are doing it the same as men.

Yeah right and it is also true that I am Superman and can fly!

What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts by Shrek6 in AVfM

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I know some of you will not like to discuss this subject, but I think it is not only needed, it is a must.

If you spend the time to watch this video to the end, you will see just how bad this is and what is in line for all states and countries that allow this evil Social Marxist garbage to be instituted.

Gay marriage is only the tip of the iceberg. What comes after is truly disturbing and life changing for all citizens in all levels of society.

It won't take long watching the video, before you start to recognise the exact same Social Marxists who are in the feminist and SJW movements, with their intent to remove all civil rights and freedoms from all heterosexual white men.

This is a civil rights and liberty issue, not a homosexual one!

Fake rape claim: Sydney man spent $200,000 clearing his name by robert in AVfM

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And why isn't the evil bitch locked up in prison?

This guy should be able to sue this filthy liar for all she is worth as well, but we know just how far he'll get with a law suit against her. All the menginas and femtard rulers of our law enforcement, legal system and judiciary, will ensure that no law suit against a rape or DV liar ever makes it into court.

I truly hope this guy wins and sues them for a huge amount. But somehow, I am not confident he will even be given permission to bring it to court.

If he is allowed to sue and actually wins, just think of the avalanche of cases that will end up before the courts due to Police thuggery.

It needs to happen though and so does the severe punishment of lying mongrels.

Man gang raped for three days by group of women after getting into taxi Man gang raped for three days by group of women after getting into taxi by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Hey Guys, did you see this story plastered all over the internet and MSM? No?

Probably cos it was a male who was gang raped, which of course is not that important. He was so damn lucky he got to have 3 different women and all that free sex. He has nothing to complain about aye!

Jordan Peterson - I Regret Calling MGTOW Pathetic Weasels by PeterWright in AVfM

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Yes that age old lie of how hard it is to raise children. Poor women, they have it so tough.

After working 35 years in very hard jobs that eventually put me on disability and permanently incapacitated, I raised 4 kids in an age range from very young to early teens. And believe me when I say it was the 'drop dead easiest' job I have ever done. I could have done it blind folded. And yep, even though I was chronically ill, I still took them to extracurricular activities and did all the same running around as anyone else. Did all the shopping, cooking, cleaning and housekeeping. I just rested a lot in between.

After divorce I ended up the primary parent with 2 full-time and 2 50/50.

I now have no time or respect for any lazy arse female who belly aches about how hard it is to have kids. And I have the same respect for idiot men who pander to these whiny pathetic women.

Laci Green: getting confused about where alliances lie. Chooses the middle path. by PeterWright in AVfM

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This sheila is so obvious. She's pulling another stunt to garner more followers and more money. It amazes me the number of brain dead suckers out there who fall for this kind of stunt.

Remember everyone, there ain't no such thing as NAFALT!

Laci Green is still the same creature she has always been!

Help the Badgers to Infiltrate Australia! by DavidKing in AVfM

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Glad you lot are coming to Oz. So wish I could be there to meet with you and share a beer. I hope you enjoy your stay in this country. It used to be an okay place to be in.........about 50 years ago. All changed now!

Victims groups outraged at decision to spare woman jail-time because of her 'talent for medicine' by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Yet another idiot damn judge is blinded by a bit of pretty skirt. So a violent abusive female escapes prison, because the judge thinks she is too smart. Obviously he hasn't a brain in his gynocentric/purple poodle/mangina brain.

Jordan Peterson - I Regret Calling MGTOW Pathetic Weasels by PeterWright in AVfM

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I have to agree with both you guys. I get the same from him as you both do.

Artie, I saw that interview Southern did with him and the female student and I had the exact same reaction as you did with this. I am convinced this guy considers himself some kind of guru and he is indeed expanding his horizons.

Now, I am no expert on Jung, in fact I know zip. But I consider psychology junk science and most who practice it as charlatans and criminals. There are some good ones around, but they are also like unicorns. Very hard to find!

If you look at what he is doing, it is like he is laying out this system of belief he has swallowed from this Jung freak, who by the way was obviously just another nutcase who wanted sex with brainwashed females, you'll see that Peterson is spreading out this template of his belief over many more areas or topics in life and trying to make comparisons or find faults, especially to do with men. In other words he is commenting on things using Jung coloured glasses and these subjects he is now commenting on he has no clue about and is making some pretty stupid statements.

This latest video is as Artie says and I have already said. It is just arse covering and nothing else.

I wouldn't even call him a tradcon. Peterson is screwed up in the head and has a very distorted view of reality.

He needs to be careful with what he comments on and if he has any skeletons in his guru cupboard, he needs to be very careful no one finds them. Like all gurus, especially those who have pretty young skirts hanging around them, they often tend to have skeletons hidden away somewhere.

Jordan Peterson - I Regret Calling MGTOW Pathetic Weasels by PeterWright in AVfM

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This clown still has no clue as to who MGTOWs are. He thinks we are all just badly burned men who suffered under the family court and the system. What about the large number of men who are single and never been there Jordan?

For someone who calls himself an intellectual and wants people to respect him as such, he has shown he holds such a low opinion of MGTOWs to the extent that he cannot be bothered to even find out who they are.

And to call them a group, is idiotic. There may be a small group of ideologues who call themselves MGTOW, but are actually not going their own way, because they are following someone else's rules. The truth is the the majority are not part of groups and are indeed doing their own thing.

Jordan Peterson - I Regret Calling MGTOW Pathetic Weasels by PeterWright in AVfM

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I have to agree with you here. He is too much of an intellectual to make such an error of judgement. In my opinion he is saying this now, because he has been soundly criticised by a large number of people for making such a stupid and derogatory statement.

Nigeria says 82 Chibok girls free in Boko Haram exchange by Shrek6 in AVfM

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So they released another 82 from the 200+ girls they kidnapped and it makes world news yet again. "Bring back our girls!"

Note right down the bottom of the article there is a mention of 20,000 "people" killed by the boko harum.

Not a word said about the suffering of males in this article. And the males ranged from the age of infant to older men. All slaughtered like animals or burnt to death. Women were not treated this way.

The video shows the buildings that a large number of boys were burned alive in, but did not say anything about that. It only reflects what is in the article. Waste of space!

Cairns mum who killed eight children deemed unfit for trial Read more at by Shrek6 in AVfM

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Absolutely my point exactly! You can guarantee she will be out in a couple of years. This is the plan and it will be executed exactly like that.

Australian Schools Launch Waves of ‘Feminist Clubs’ to Teach Kids About ‘White Male Privilege’ by PeterWright in AVfM

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I hope the parents have the spine to fight this evil. If I were there I would end up being arrested. My boys would be arguing with their teachers and there would be lots of trouble.

Sadly, this will go ahead with hardly a murmur. Sickening isn't it!

Stealthing. The new form of rape according to the femtard brigade. by Shrek6 in AVfM

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They didn't say it was rape, BUT they did say they wanted it to be seen as sexual assault. And in femtard language, 'sexual assault' simply means RAPE.

This is the way they brainwash the majority of women out there and the majority of the mengina/purple poodles/white knights or whatever you want to call them.

How far do we go with making certain things illegal? And if they are never going to punish women to the exact same extent as they do men, then we need to not make laws on all these things. In the end, it is always only men who suffer.