A brief critique of Jordan Peterson’s use of gynocentric “Jungian” sources by PeterWright in AVfM

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You have a "Christina Hoff Sommers" view of Peterson. I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to gynocentrism. I don't care about "alienating allies." I also don't think Peterson would consider us his ally.

Let's say that "the good fight" is fought and won. What will replace the current feminism/marxism? Peterson-style hardcore tradconism and gynocentrism. That will be no different for men. You need to watch where Peterson OPENLY WEEPS ABOUT MALE SACRIFICE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njoBZ0PDkPE

This is the kind of guy who is like the martyrdom worshiping Muslims. He is far more dangerous than feminists.

UK Will Prosecute Online 'Hate Crime' Like Real World Crime by borabosna in FreeSpeech

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Guess who's in charge? ALISON SAUNDERS! Your favorite radfem after Clementine "male genocide" Ford!

School group kicked off uni campus for Trump hats by gary959 in AVfM

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Wow, it's interesting that those kicked were female.

Saudi Arabia Debates Whether Polygamy Is Solution To Rising Problem Of Single Women by borabosna in MGTOW

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Saudi men going their own way? Oh, the poor single women? What should we do?

If anybody ever again complains that the middle east is a misogynist shithole, show them how gynocentric they actually are with this.